The Purpose of This Site

I have set up this new webpage/blog designed to help our ministry leaders of Eagle Pointe church grow in their leadership abilities & calling. As I say, “leaders are learners” and we all need to be constantly growing & stretching ourselves so that we can better serve our Lord & our church. I also decided to open this site up to everyone who might be interested. We have many ministry friends & partners around the country & world who may benefit.

Periodically, on this site (usually once a week), I will share podcasts, seminars, etc that I am learning from. Usually, when I am working out at the gym I am also listening to some audio training to help me be a better leader. As I say, working out my body & mind.

What I ask of each of you is that, as I post these, you listen to them at least 3 times. We never get everything the 1st time through & we will normally miss some things the 1st time or two. So, listen 3 times & then “reply” to that post & let me know what were your top 5 takeaways from it. I pray we all grow together to become all that God desires us to be in our leadership roles in His church.


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