Here at Eagle Pointe we do an event called “Momentum” every other month. This is a time where all of our volunteers, core, leaders, etc come together for a big, fun party environment. It’s a time of thanking them & communicating how much we value those who help carry the load & responsibility of what we do here.

This environment is also where I share some behind the scenes things we’re working towards or dealing with as a church. These are things we probably will not get into during a weekend worship service & we want to keep our core people “in the know”.

Last year we had a “Pre-Super Bowl Bash”. In addition to great music & video, a hysterical skit from our drama team, I shared some of the challenges we face in trying to get people connected & keep them connected in our church. A lot of this has to do with the type of church we are & who we are reaching, but I believe a good bit of this applies to any church trying to reach people for Jesus.

I encourage you to take time to listen to what I shared. Here’s a link to listen or download – Momentum – Why People Leave A Church  (to download – right click & “save as”)

***NOTE: If you are not an Eagle Pointe’r – you may want to skip the first 8 minutes or so.


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