Managing the Stress of Ministry

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Normally, when I talk with pastors & ministry leaders about reducing stress & finding a healthy pace of life & ministry – I will encounter blank stares and/or laughter. Leading & ministering in church settings is a very stressful thing. You have deadlines, the demands & needs of 100’s of people, let alone the pressure we put on ourselves to produce at a certain level because we are “doing it for God”. Managing life, ministry, & family is a daunting challenge even for the best of us.

I encourage you to listen to a previous post on this site called “Healthy Leadership” – it was a very powerful, life-changing challenge from my friend Shawn Lovejoy.

Here is a great podcast in which Nelson Searcy, pastor of the Journey church in New York City & president of Church Leader Insights, shares some very practical tips for managing the stress of ministry.

Enjoy! And please “reply” with your Top 5 takeaways for you, your ministry, and/or church.

***Use this link to listen online or download – Managing_the_Stress_of_Ministry (to download – right click link & “save as”)


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