One of the greatest areas of tension & frustration in most churches is in the area of worship. Whether it be the style, focus, & substance of music, or dealing with the “personality types” involved, or in keeping the senior pastor, worship leader, & team “on the same page” with regards to the vision, purpose, & values that God has given their church. Worship, and everything that it entails, is a real challenge in most churches.

Here is a very good podcast from the worship leaders & pastor of Fellowship Church. There’s a lot of very practical & helpful insight & ideas which will greatly help any pastor, worship leader, member of a worship team, or any Christian for that matter.

***Use this link to listen online or download – Worship Gone Wild  (to download – right click link & “save as”)

Enjoy! And please “reply” with your Top 5 takeaways for you, your ministry, and/or church.

  1. John Soluri says:

    Top 5 takeaways:

    1. Does everyone that is considered a leader know that they are?
    2. Do all leaders understand what the goals of EPC are and what they mean? Meaning are they subject to misinterpretation? Is there a clear vision of the expectations the church has for leaders?
    3. Is there territorialism or problems with authority that could be detrimental? I can’t imagine there is but my vision into the organization is limited.
    4. Would leaders ‘showing the love’ during a service help to ‘connect’ those that aren’t feeling it? Would staff sitting in the front rows facilitate connectedness?
    5. EPC has a great grasp on the concept of “it starts with staff”. Which brings back the age old question, how to get more people serving.

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