Here is a great podcast from Perry Noble, pastor of NewSpring church. It was so good I’ve listened to it 3 times in the last week while working out at the gym. As with any podcast, seminar, etc there will be parts that you may not agree with or may not apply to you or our church. However, I think this is one where God just might have a few things He wants to teach us.

Enjoy! And please “reply” with your Top 5 takeaways for you, your ministry, and/or our church.

***Use this link to listen online or download – Breaking Through Barriers

  1. Take Away’s

    1. Have a strategy but be spirit lead. Don’t proceed without an answer, pray until you are lead. Be patient.
    2. Every week needs to be a special event at your church.
    3. A down time is preparation time so that when things blossom no one falls off.
    4. If God’s will makes sense on a consistent basis you are not following God’s will.
    5. Let your church leaders know when God is leading or working on you so your church is not blindsided. How can they get excited overnight about something you have been working on for months. People cannot be champions for change if they don’t understand it.

    I had 9 but I reduced it to my top 5. 🙂

    • Good stuff Natalie. Thanks for sharing!

      • romanweb says:

        I apologize for my long-windedness but it’s the Latin in me that doesn’t know how edit….
        1) Can’t plan for God, but can prepare for God. Organizing has very much its place in a ministry and IS needed. But I like this point VERY much. Now there’s a preparation period for the Apostles ( as noted) that they spent “three years” with Jesus. Signifying that they were being properly prepped by Jesus before he left them to go make disciples of all nations. We need to be tensional in preparing and properly discipling members. Not just feeding their hearts for missions but backing those hearts with the true understanding of “why” we missions. Matthew 28:19-20
        19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”
        I believe the last command of Jesus upon His ascension is eloquent in it’s simplicity and power. Our faith is designed to be in action, GO! But we are told to go and make disciples.
        …make disciples…
        A Disciple, in the context of a rabbinical tradition was one aspiring to become like the Rabi for the purposes of making other disciples.
        This commission is to be taken on by all Jesus followers and is open to all.
        …baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit…
        So we are to adhere to James 2:14 and work our faith, but we are to educate others in what this faith is all about.

        Philip and the Ethiopian in Acts. Philip asks the man, a God seeker, Do You Understand What You are Reading? The Ethiopian responds, How can I unless some one explains it to me. Philip is making a disciple by pointing out The value and importance of scripture and its teachings.
        2) Celebrate the Season before the Harvest
        Which goes in line with Preparing for God. Good stewardship of resourceful people God brings through our doors. If it takes a season to develop 2 to 3 effective leaders before activating them to help shepherd, then, in effect, we will have prepared for God by preparing and equipping leaders to help guide the lost who walk through our doors. Being purposeful in listening to God’s will 1st and then allowing God to send the people our way. God “will” send the Harvest. Not to become impatient or distressed by not seeing the expected increase but allow the increase to happen according to God’s time. As noted, it may be a blessing that a church has “not” increased to capacity due in part to not being prepared to handle the harvest. God may be giving a church that time needed to recognize His will and take the needed steps to make it happen. We may need to celebrate a season to prepare. Increased attendance will come not by our efforts but through God’s blessings. And having the rightly equipped in place, will allow retention.
        3) Prepare/Changes starts with the Senior Leader – God is still working in me. I ask for God to please work in me daily but to pray that God continues to work through and transform the senior leader daily as well. For the senior pastor, to consider revisiting any methodologies employed by the church. Perhaps the top three initiatives we consider important to be consistent at. Revisit those three premises, and honestly ask are they all consistent? Are they producing lasting fruit? If not, diagnose the symptoms of each and why they are / are not working and determine what needs changing, adjusting, updating or possibly doing away with. Becoming Champions of any change and not just mere robots of it…good line.
        4) Leading impatiently through change- Not just from a leadership standpoint but from a volunteer level. This notion struck me. I may have had ideas or something pressing on my heart for ministry that may contend with other areas and I have not shared them openly or taken the time to convey their possible relevance. And Vice Versa. I may have an idea on my heart but once shared, no excitement was received and this is an area that is telling on how not to go about leading, let alone serving. Unity needs to be above all within the church body and communication is key.
        5) God Loves your church more that you do- constantly asking God to make humbling changes in me. Not to change things just for the sake of changing the. Any changes that are to be done, that they are done through God’s wisdom. And ultimately, ALWAYS remembering, this is not my church, it’s God’s.


  2. Good stuff & good thoughts Tim!

  3. kyle salone says:

    Some very good insight! (Even though I prefer listening to someone much more humble than him… like you Howard!) I really appreciate you sharing this with us! Listening to God and putting more time towards my relationship with Him is what I took as a top priority from the lesson. I believe we have a great church and as we continue to grow and mature with more sub-leaders, improving our already sound structure, consistently looking to open more thorough communication channels and preparing for more growth, if it is Gods will, then we will be ready to take on more (improving our relationships with each other along the way) and to serve in a way that is appealing to God.

    Glad and considered blessed to be part of such a great Church!

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